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We’re currently beavering away crafting our new website. So we guess this is what most folk would call a ‘coming soon’ page. Whatever you want to call it, one thing is certain – what’s coming is putting an extra spring in our already springy step.


We’ve launched Lou Palfreyman Consulting to help people up their game and win. And when we say ‘game’ we mean the rather competitive ‘no rosettes for second place’ type business game – we’re not talking ping pong. In fact, we’re rubbish at ping pong, but game changing opportunity creation through innovation and strategy – we’ve got all the badges on that front (many of which you just won’t find anywhere else).¬†


We help people up their game by increasing their ability to solve wicked problems through creativity and innovation. We do this by challenging the status quo, and sometimes blowing it up, entirely. We’re comfortable in shaking things up. It’s how we help our clients keep the opportunity-ometer on the up and up. But creating ideas and opportunity is only one part of what we do. We’ll also show you how to replicate success by introducing sticky behavioural change. If you’re after change, results, and making things stick, then think of us as your friendly, results-driven, marmalade-wielding, change specialists.